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Tensile Membrane Structures

Sustainability. Utility. Visibility. Durability. Quality.

We create with care and professionalism.

We have completed more than 9000 projects in Tensile membrane structure installation, including residential and commercial solutions. We have a variety of Tensile solutions for you:

  • Tensile Car Parking
  • Walkway Covering Structure
  • Auditorium Tensile Structure
  • Swimming Pool Tensile Structure
  • Tensile Umbrella for Terrace
  • Poly carbonate sheet Structure
  • Tensile Structure for Restaurant
  • Tensile structure for marriage hall

Trusted Manufacturers

Innovative Designs

Experienced Professionals

Functional, stylish & durable.

We create with care and professionalism.
We do a wide-range of structures:
  • Tensile Membrane Structure
  • Tensile Fabric Structures
  • Cantilevers Tensile Structures
  • Residential & Commercial Pool Enclosure

We believe in:
  • High Quality, Highly Durable, Fabrics that lasts long.
  • Cost effective, and value for money products.
  • Geting the best people in the field to work on designing and installation .

We supplied for various:
  • Hotels, Restaurants, & Apartments
  • Hospitals, & Colleges
  • Stadium, & Convention Centers
  • Industrial & Govt. sectors

Our service benefits.

9000 projects completed, and still counting.

We have installed our tensile structures for various, Hotels, Restaurants, Apartments, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Tech parks, Industrial and Govt. sector. The benefits we carry is, we have architects, fabricators, and designers, who create with functionality and aesthetics in mind, and about the fabrics, we are the manufacturer of it for more than two decades now. We have earned 9000 clients trust for more than 22 years.

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Rahim Iyaz

Rahim Iyaz

CEO at Whiterose

We are a proud customers of Ashwini Decors !

We've gone for a rooftop shelter at our stores, WHITEROSE CONCEPTS, KOHLER EXCLUSIVE, at Adyar - Chennai. The product, design, pricing and the quality of work are amazing. To add value to this, MD Mr. Shankar of Ashwini Decors visits regularly to the site and supervise directly. We're a proud customer of Ashwini Decors.

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