Window Awnings- Bullnose Awnings- Balcony Canopies- Retractable Awnings- Terrace Awnings- Patio Awnings

Residential and commercial Awnings / Canopies

Drop-Arm awnings. Fixed awnings. Sun shades. Outdoor Canopies. Patio awnings.

We create with care and professionalism.

We deliver some of the best quality awnings for all your indoor and outdoor needs, with options of ready made and custom made solutions. we design and install, Elegant, Stylish, Functional and value for money awnings / canopies for both your residential and commercial spaces. Our awnings comes with better maintainability and sustainability for a longer period of time.

  • Bullnose Awnings
  • Drop Arm Awnings
  • Terrace Awnings & Sun Shades


  • Patio Awnings
  • Backlight Awnings & Retractable Awnings
  • Vertical Awnings & Signage Board

  • Plain Fabric & Stripes Fabric
  • PVC Fabric & Acrylic Fabric
  • Imported & Indian Fabric

  • Retractable & Fixed
  • Manual & Motorized
  • Waterproof & Fire Retardant
  • Double Side Coated & Single Side Coated

Our awnings & canopies solutions.

Experience Innovation the Professional Way.

We offer: Terrace Awnings, Bull Nose Awnings, Window Awnings, Drop Arm Awnings, Fixed Awnings and Component.

  • Interior awnings
  • Custom-made awnings
  • Commercial awnings
  • Residential awnings
  • Canopies & Folding Shades

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Rahim Iyaz

Rahim Iyaz

CEO at Whiterose

We are a proud customers of Ashwini Decors !

We've gone for a rooftop shelter at our stores, WHITEROSE CONCEPTS, KOHLER EXCLUSIVE, at Adyar - Chennai. The product, design, pricing and the quality of work are amazing. To add value to this, MD Mr. Shankar of Ashwini Decors visits regularly to the site and supervise directly. We're a proud customer of Ashwini Decors.

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